Music Playlist Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add Audio Player with the Playlist to your Muse sites. You can add up to 10 songs to the player and your website visitors will be able to switch between songs, see the artwork of each song, etc. The player is very customizable, so you will be able to change all the colors, size, fonts and many more options.

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  •   Elton John - Your Song
  •   The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
  •   Queen - Spread Your Wings
  •   The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
  •   Los Lobos - Tequila
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title


1. Add your Audio Files, Preview Images and enter Audio Titles. You can add up to 10 songs. Recommended Audio format is .mp3, but this widget also supports .wav and .ogg. Preview Images should be square to look the best.

2. Customize all the colors.

3. Adjust Starting Volume, Opacity, Text Size and select other options.

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