“Cookie Consent” Documentation v1.0

“Cookie Consent - WordPress Plugin to Accept Cookie Policy”

Created by: MuseTemplatesPro
Email: support@musetemplatespro.com

Thank you for purchasing this WordPress plugin. Please refer to this documentation for the instructions how to use it. You can also contact us via email if you need any additional help.

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Installation - top

First of all, you need to install this plugin in order to use it. To install the plugin, follow these steps:

Plugin Location - top

After an installation, the plugin will be located in Settings/Cookie Consent page of your WordPress admin panel. Find it there and customize available settings.

General Settings - top

In this section of the settings, you can set the cookies expiration date (number of days the same visitor won't see the notification after accepting it), notification animation time and enable test mode of the plugin. Test mode is really useful if you already accepted the cookie policy on the browser you are using and cannot see the notification anymore. So if you make any changes in the plugin, just enable the test mode to see the notification again and to preview your changes.

Content Settings - top

In this section of the settings, you can edit all the text of the notification and change attributes of the text, such as colors.

Styles Settings - top

In this section of the settings, you can change the style, position and other major styling attributes of the plugin. The plugin includes two styles (full browser width and animated style). Each style also has different positions. Full width style will display the notification about the cookies at the top or bottom of your browser. Animated style will appear in the corners of your browser. Choose any style that you prefer.

That's it! The plugin is now functioning on your site. If you had the test mode enabled while making all the changes, don't forget to turn it off. You won't see the notification after accepting it once, but it will be displayed to your website visitors who visit your site for the first time.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Plugin!


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