Breadcrumbs Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget allows you to add Breadcrumbs navigation to your Muse sites. Breadcrumbs are widely used to help website visitors to navigate through the site and not to get lost. With this widget, you’ll be able to display all the previous link paths and the visitors will see your site’s hierarchy.

Change Breadcrumbs Style, Colors, Size, etc.


1. Select Breadcrumbs Style. There are 4 pre-designed Breadcrumb Styles and Simple Text Breadcrumbs with various Separators.


2. Adjust various styling options, such as colors, text size, etc.


3. To change the Font, just choose any Font from Muse Text panel, when the widget is selected in your Muse page.

4. This widget supports up to 5 Breadcrumb links. Choose how many Breadcrumbs you need and set them up. You can write your own Breadcrumbs text, add links and select whether the link will open in the New Tab or in the Same Tab.

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