Age Confirmation Widget for Adobe Muse

This widget asks for your website visitor’s age, before allowing him to view the content of the site. The widget is perfect for websites that contain the sensitive information about things like alcohol or gambling. Moreover, the widget is responsive and highly customizable.


1. Set the Minimum Age to Enter the Site and Choose how often to Ask the Returning Visitor  to Confirm his Age. You can also Redirect your Website Visitor to Another Page after the Age is Confirmed.

2. Adjust some General Styling Settings of the Confirmation Box and Overlay.

3. Adjust Text Settings. Choose Font, Enter your own Text, Change Colors and Sizes.

4. Adjust Date Settings. Change Colors, Opacity Levels, Date Format, etc.

5. Adjust Button Settings. Enter your own Text for the Button, Change Size, Colors, Stroke Settings, etc.

6. You can add your Logo to the Confirmation Window.

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